Scholarship Application

scholarship-applicationThe 2021 Ira Dorsey Scholarship Application is now available!

All application packets must be postmarked by Saturday, May 01, 2021. Applicants must submit completed application packets. Incomplete application packets will NOT be reviewed and will therefore eliminate you from the selection process.

We have also slightly adjusted the requirements:

  1. Official Transcripts (Unofficial Transcript or Alternate Official Proof of Grade Point Average are also acceptable) Students can access their GPAs from Naviance. Please contact your school counselors to inquire if they are able to submit transcripts for you from Naviance or their school division LMS. 
  2. Recommendation Forms: one each from a teacher/counselor and member of the community
  3. All other application requirements remain unchanged.
  4. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or with any questions or concerns.

Click here for the 2021 IDSEF Scholarship Application Package. *See instructions below for downloading package*

  1. Click on “here” which should open a dialog box for you to save the packaged zip file. If that does not work, simply right-click “here” with your mouse and choose “Save as/Save Link As” which should allow you to download the packaged zip to you computer.
  2. Save the packaged zip file to a location on your computer. Most computers will automatically save to the “Downloads” folder
  3. To open the zip file
    1. Mac – Double-click the file and the Unarchiver will extract to a folder labeled “2021_Scholarship_Package”.
    2. Windows – Double-click or right click the file and select “Extract All”
  4. The files should now be accessible

See our 2020 scholarship recipients here.